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Distribuiamo in Italia ed Europa i prodotti:



  • Transition Networks
  • Patapsco Co. ltd.
  • Squire Technologies
  • Apposite Technologies

- ISDN Multiplexer and PRI BRI conversion: Convert and switch between PRIs and BRIs

Liberator®: Stand-alone highly flexible ISDN BRI and PRI switches, converters and sharers. Up to 4 PRIs and up to 16 BRIs.


PacketBand-TDM ®: TDM over IP, CESoP or Pseudowire products for a large number of applications. Highly-accurate synchronous clocked data over asynchronous Ethernet,IP and MPLS networks.

PacketBand-ISDN®: Unique ISDN over IP/Ethernet system provides transparent clock-locked/synchronised services. Ideal for all types of traffic including videoconferencing, encryptors, codecs, faxes, modem and high quality low-latency PCM voice.

- Carrier-class E1 T1 V.35 and X.21 over Ethernet and IP

MediaBand: E1/T1 and X.21/V.35 to fibre media converters. Quality product, excellent clocks, remotely manageable and with diagnostic tools.

- Media Converters

T1/E1 to X.21/V.35 managed converter

DataBand®: T1/E1 converters, multiplexers, Ethernet or IP backup for leased lines. ISDN backup for leased line and Frame Relay, plus inverse multiplexors and aggregators. T1/E1 to X.21/V.35 managed converter.

- Network Interface Devices (NIDs)